for a
higher purpose


Since the early 1800s Sonoma County agricultural land has been prized for its fertile soil and varied climate. Because of its diverse terrain, Sonoma county boasts seventeen different appellations, each with its own distinct character. The same broad valleys, rolling hills, and stoney mountains that produce some of the world’s most exquisite wines also make Sonoma ideal for growing all-natural, high quality cannabis. We searched for years to find the perfect combination of soil, sun, and climate, and spent years more cultivating the ideal strains for our unique location.  

Beyond organic

Directed by a Master Grower with four decades of farm experience, Prophet is proud of our Heirloom strains. We cultivate our cannabis from seed in the tradition of their landrace ancestors—drawing substance from the soil and water of our terroir, and allowing each plant’s flowers to mature according to the natural light and shade cycles of our location.