What are Terpenes?


Terpenes are a class of organic hydrocarbons produced by a wide variety of plants. It provides a unique taste and aroma creating a sense of happiness. The smells and flavors of a cannabis strain are combinations of the terpenes. Smoking cannabis terpenes can offer a variety of experiences ranging from relaxation to simulous. They have smells like pine, mint, citrus, and berry which individuals report experiencing variety of effects ranging from stress relief to help with sleep. The most common terpenes are myrcene, pinene, caryophyllene, limonene, terpinolene. Myrene has an herbal flavor that is usually found in lemongrass or mangoes. Pinene is found in basil and rosemary that gives off an odor of pine. Caryophyllene is a peppery smell, and is often found in black pepper and cinnamon. Limonene is found in peppermint and gives off a citrus smell. Terpinolene has a fruity smell like oranges and bananas. Any of these terpenes can enhance the desired effects.


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